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Episode 2 of our Pan America YouTube Series Out Now!

This week we take the New Harley Pan America and put it some of the toughest terrain and weather as we venture into our new adventure parts lines Click Here to Watch!

The All New Overbearing 2.0!

We have reengineered one of the best Harley aftermarket chopper parts made! The Original Overbearing has been slimmed down and will now mate the nut with a 3/8 inch bearing to allow for more clearance with the clutch basket. Discover all of the benefits of The Overbearing and Overbearing 2.0!
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FXR Chopper built by Bare Knuckle Performance
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2018 Harley Low Rider with Pioneer Adventure Bags

Pioneer Adventure Bag System

Don't Stop When The Pavement Ends.

These aren't your ordinary saddle bags.

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