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Twin Cam FXR Conversion Kit by RAMJET RACING

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Twin Cam FXR Conversion Kit- This kit includes an array of brackets, tabs, panels and mounts allowing you to install a Twin Cam touring power train into an FXR chassis. The new main crossmember is designed to accept all DYNA kickstand components. No longer will you have to deal with crappy bent or rounded lock tab/ear on your FXR kickstand, no more paying for over priced FXR kickstand parts, and most importantly, you will have readily available replacement components at almost all H-D dealerships and aftermarket shops. We machine a very solid kickstand stop which gets welded to the bottom of the crossmember, which guarantees a ton of engagement from the kickstand to ensure it doesn't "pop out" or bend and cause the kickstand to give or the bike to fall over.The new main crossmember is designed to accept all DYNA kickstand components and provide clearance for the oil pan. The rear crossmember will be replaced to allow clearance for the touring oil pan and transmission as well. The tubing is .120" wall DOM used with two gussets.For foot controls, removing the factory left side boxed in control mount is NOT required but the right one is as it will come out when removing the center crossmember and kickstand mount. In its place, this kit includes a right side foot control mount which is radius cut on the back side for a nice centered fit on your frame rail and threaded to accept a right side Dyna mid control mount. We also include an additional one in case you would prefer to run a Dyna mount on the left side also. We also include a plate to fill the void where the oil bag used to live, a cap for the the front engine mount. The oil bag filler plate is solid and can be used to mount many things on the inside such as a coil or wiring accessories.100% MADE IN THE USAStandard kit includes:-Main Center Crossmember-Extra Strong Kickstand Stop-Wrap Around Crossmember Tubing w/ (2) Tubing Gussets-Rear Removable Crossmember Kit w/ Tabs and Chrome Hardware-(2) Dyna Foot Control Mounts-Oil Bag Filler Plate-Front Engine Mount Cover Plate